GDS @ Bloomfield College | It’s on your phone, TV, radio, and almost every reality
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It’s on your phone, TV, radio, and almost every reality

25 Mar It’s on your phone, TV, radio, and almost every reality

We continue our series on how the arts scene would change without the National Endowment for the Arts. Actor Tim Robbins tells The Times’ Jessica Gelt about his first acting gig: A $50 a week job at New York’s Theater for the New City, funded in part by an NEA grant. Robbins is the founder of the Actors’ Gang theater in Culver City, itself a recipient of funding.

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When I was younger, I somehow got the message that having acne, thin hair, tendency to gain weight, being emotional constituted some sort of moral failing. I spent years feeling like I had to apologize for my ugly existence. Now I’m learning that those aspects of my appearance were symptoms, not reflections of the fact that I was an all around inferior person who didn’t take good care of herself.

Lemor soon returned to California, but this time to another avenue of news: online news. Lemor did voice over and field producing work for Yahoo! News, and traveled up and down the West Coast for stories. From there, Lemor pursued a new general assignment reporting gig in Fresno, CA., the central part of the state also known as the world’s most fertile agriculture region.

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