GDS @ Bloomfield College | Joshua O’Rourke, 19, Frilford Road, Abingdon, admitted
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Joshua O’Rourke, 19, Frilford Road, Abingdon, admitted

10 Aug Joshua O’Rourke, 19, Frilford Road, Abingdon, admitted

“He was standing over Mouse and he had the knife pointed at him and said something like, ‘You’re gonna get hurt if we don’t get it sorted. I want that bike going, Mouse. I’m coming back in an hour and if it’s not sorted then it’s gonna get serious. Joshua O’Rourke, 19, Frilford Road, Abingdon, admitted criminal damage to property valued under 5,000 on November 24 2016 in Frilford. O’Rourke, without lawful excuse, damaged a Vauxhall Corsa replica ray bans, to the value of 255.77 belonging to Imogen Barry, intending to destroy or damage such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged. Also admitted criminal damage to another Corsa belonging to Max Weller to the value of 250.

Like the other members of the DS family, the 3DS has a resistive touch screen display. That means the screen reacts to pressure. Inside the display are two special layers that detect touch. It usually snaps into place through a series of realizations. You realize that if your child does not eat by a certain time, she gets cranky. You realize that if she does not take a nap, she gets over tired.

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