GDS @ Bloomfield College | Later still, he discovered the reason: being Dutch, director
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Later still, he discovered the reason: being Dutch, director

20 Jul Later still, he discovered the reason: being Dutch, director

Facebook event page that had been calling for mass demonstrations at Cairo central Tahrir Square the epicenter of the 2011 revolt and subsequent protest movements was cancelled earlier this month after more than 50,000 users said they would attend, and a similar amount expressed interest in the event.There was no way to determine how many of those who said they wanted to attend lived in Egypt or actually planned to march on the square, likely to be closely guarded by security forces. Facebook, contacted for this article, declined to comment.State and the overwhelmingly pro government private media have also been urging the public not to demonstrate on Jan. 25, which is also National Police Day, arguing that protests would bring only chaos.

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