GDS @ Bloomfield College | Milledgeville Dawg writes: Bill
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Milledgeville Dawg writes: Bill

02 Apr Milledgeville Dawg writes: Bill

Brock returns interception to Utah 4 yard line. Next play Cheap Jerseys free shipping, Ed Wesley 4 yard TD rush. 30 0 TCU. Milledgeville Dawg writes: Bill, I have to admit I rolled my eyes when I heard that Jacob Park might wind up transferring from Georgia to Alabama, another school with an ongoing quarterback battle. On the one hand, I can’t see a guy who probably would have been Georgia’s fourth stringer doing a whole lot better in Tuscaloosa. But I’m getting kind of tired of Mark Richt allowing his castoffs to not only transfer anywhere they want, but to even join an SEC program that the Dawgs will face this season, taking with him valuable information about offensive signals and the like.

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