GDS @ Bloomfield College | MK: “On Tuesday, Specter circulated a letter to the Judiciary
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MK: “On Tuesday, Specter circulated a letter to the Judiciary

11 Nov MK: “On Tuesday, Specter circulated a letter to the Judiciary

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Speaking of cruelty to gay people: a federal judge just ruled that citizens who donated money to Washington State Referendum 71 are to remain anonymous. “We believe that changing stateAs a proud Washingtonian, I have to say this is discouraging to say the least.

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The 56 year old roofer from New Orleans last spoke to Brenda as Hurricane Katrina was slamming into the Gulf Coast. Before he left the city, he waded through chin high water to her shotgun house, only to find it empty. Almost all Americans grew together. In fact, those in the bottom fifth of the income ladder saw their incomes more than double.

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