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nike force air trout 4 pro mcs 5898ro

06 Nov nike force air trout 4 pro mcs 5898ro

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It’s not often we feature a Nike Shox shoe here on Sneaker News, but at the height of the technology’s popularity, Vince Carter – not LeBron, KD cheap nike roshe shoes www.nikerosherun2013 , or Kobe – was the king of Nike Basketball. The gimmicky innovation was a perfect fit for the exciting Vince Carter, who in the early 2000s was perhaps among the most popular player in the NBA thanks to his high-flying antics. It was at that time that a teenaged LeBron James was watching VC on TV, and when he and his┬áSVSM team luckily received a PE fo the Nike Shox VC II. Seen here are the sneakers updated with the colors of the Irish as well as their school initials with which embroidered across the back end. Get familiar with this older player exclusive from LeBron James’ alma mater (and a Shox signature model in general) just after the jump and then check out the chance to own them in a solid size now from jumpman9111 on eBay.

Nike Shox VC II “SVSM” PE on eBay

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