GDS @ Bloomfield College | ‘ Nikhil Gharekhan, Milward BrownWhile the top three brands
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‘ Nikhil Gharekhan, Milward BrownWhile the top three brands

18 May ‘ Nikhil Gharekhan, Milward BrownWhile the top three brands

As well as a wonderful selection of clothes, furniture, domestic artefacts, fabrics and so on, you will find historic rooms recreated, interactive audio visuals, and video presentations. There are games and challenges for children, opportunities to make your own designs (and have them emailed to your home computer). You could easily spend a day in this wing of the museum alone..

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replica handbags online are less vulnerable.’ Nikhil Gharekhan, Milward BrownWhile the top three brands held their 2008 positions, high fashion Chanel crept up one spot, while fine jeweler Cartier dropped from fourth place to seventh with a 2009 value of $4.91 billion.Cartier’s somewhat dramatic fall has a lot to do with the fact that, while luxury handbags and shoes still seem to be selling, ultra expensive investment items such as $1 million, diamond encrusted Cartier watches aren’t faring so well.”Brands that offer luxury treats glasses, belts, handbags, etc. are less vulnerable,” says Nikhil Gharekhan, senior vice president at Millward Brown.Although the dollar value of most of these brands has decreased Louis Vuitton’s, for instance, dropped by $6.34 billion from $25.74 billion in 2008 their standing on the overall list remains solid because luxury brands have weathered the financial storm better than their mid market counterparts. It has a lot to do with branding positioning. replica handbags online

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