GDS @ Bloomfield College | On all the pieces, you’ll find “love yourself first”
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On all the pieces, you’ll find “love yourself first”

29 Jun On all the pieces, you’ll find “love yourself first”

“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” is part of a genre I like to call “badass lady detectives with great accents.” I’m obsessed with this gem of an Australian TV show about a lady detective in the 1920s. Miss Fisher wields a gold gun, dresses in fabulous fur, scales walls in heels while simultaneously addressing issues of the time, like reproductive rights (abortion was illegal) and women not being allowed into the motor vehicle association. Also, there’s a very handsome police inspector she teams up with.

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Wholesale Replica Bags Herself a refugee from the Vietnam War, Chung has worked extensively with the conflict that affected her family and people. And while there are plenty of versions of this conflict being told the American, the South Vietnamese and the North Vietnamese version Chung points out that the war stories are rarely those of the people actually affected by the conflict: “The people who are affected by it, the casualties of the war, what is their version? In a lot of Hollywood movies you mostly hear the American voices, you hardly hear the Vietnamese voices. We were the extras, we were the people running around in the background, the Americans were the heroes.” Chung’s art is a way to questions these dominant narratives, she explains: “I don’t give answers in my work. Wholesale Replica Bags

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