GDS @ Bloomfield College | On the surface, it looks like any school library
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On the surface, it looks like any school library

09 Feb On the surface, it looks like any school library

“I think he has the right skills to be good in this league,” the future Hall of Famer said. “Obviously he’s a great defender. He’s got length. Kramer’ the paperback version and my parents were like, ‘Why do you want to read that?’ I was one of those kids who wanted to be in the world of the adult. Even if I guess I’m a kind of puer aeternus,” he says with a laugh. “As a kid I wanted to read Edward Albee and talk about it.”.

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replica handbags online Kvitova, by consensus, is last on that list, but don’t discount the chances of the 25 year old from the Czech Republic. The No. 4 seed made the semifinals here three years ago, and recent results suggest she might be ready to win a third Grand Slam singles title. Every weekday, dozens of students at Oakland Tech stream into the school library, sitting at tables surrounded by book shelves, studying and most likely, finishing up last minute homework from the night before.On the surface, it looks like any school library.But there are some big differences: High schoolers are not allowed to check out any books, because there is no librarian. Big signs on the walls remind them of this. Many are yellowed and tattered.And the scene is replicated across the Oakland Unified School District.FOR THE FULL LIST OF OPEN AND CLOSED OUSD LIBRARIESlibrary is one of the most essential parts of a school, said Antonio Todd, an 11th grader at Tech replica handbags online.