GDS @ Bloomfield College | ” One wonders what science fiction can be created in these
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” One wonders what science fiction can be created in these

02 May ” One wonders what science fiction can be created in these

So mushy that a neighbor asked the name of Irish Setter and I replied with the name of the Irish Setter I had 14 years ago. The last paragraph is what really catches my eye from a science fiction standpoint where Michael Freedman is quoted as saying, “But in labs people are creating [conditions] that are colder than anywhere that has ever existed in the universe. We are bound to stumble on something the universe has never seen before.” One wonders what science fiction can be created in these chilly conditions.Snakes eat poisonous toads and steal their venomHere a twist on a vampire story! People that eat poisonous toads, develop a poisonous bite, and go around killing other people.

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