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17 Nov Planetary

Nikos Moraitis: Prime Minister… Planetary

– > 18-10-2017 – 11: 46am

Why is it so… The love of foreign leaders towards Alexis Tsipras? They are aware that the alternative is a politician who speaks with SIEMENS and Nikos Moraitis

> br> And if there is a “student” who keeps the phrase as a gospel, he appears to be Alexis now – The media of interdependence, of course, stayed in the question posed by a right journalist to the prime minister if he changed his mind about ” bad tramp “as he had him
What we did not report we intertwined to Media is the Prime Minister’s message to the Greek Prime Minister at the end of the press conference: “I wish we have you for many years.” And it is very close to what they have wished – purely or indirectly – many European officials in the last year.

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