GDS @ Bloomfield College | Professor Tesler dismissed an earlier Rasmussen poll showing
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Professor Tesler dismissed an earlier Rasmussen poll showing

08 Nov Professor Tesler dismissed an earlier Rasmussen poll showing

Bitter, glad he got fucked, actually made his dogshit celebration sweeter since he lost after (literally) flexing on his opponent. Hold nothing against Juve since they were proper opponents on our 14/15 final and gave us one of the most non controversial and most sportsmanlike finals in a while, but I want them to fail just to see this guy can swallow his ego.Ironically, I don remember disliking him this much when he was at Madrid, I always saw his antics as being competitive, nothing more. Now he just looks and sounds like a cunt.Edit: and before the fights or downvotes, saying your opponents did nothing to win is what I calling out, like why would you even say that.

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