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Right now, it’s uk canada goose on 80 canada goose uk shop and

24 May Right now, it’s uk canada goose on 80 canada goose uk shop and

My hubscore is dropping for no reason

I have published 5 hubs and I published my 5th hub yesterday. My fifth hub is canada goose clearance called “Everything You Wanted canada goose store to Canada Goose Online Know About Whole Grains”, by the way. I have worked very hard on my fifth hub and canada goose coats I was happy that my hard work payed off because I got a HubScore of 91 which was my personal record!

About an hour later, I canada goose black friday sale noticed my HubScore cheap canada goose uk has dropped to 89 so I edited my hub to see what was wrong. I corrected a few accidental mistakes and improved a few vocabulary. canada goose uk outlet Despite my correction/improvement, my HubScore continued to drop to 86 and then 83. Right now, it’s uk canada goose on 80 canada goose uk shop and I predict it will continue to drop.

Any of you have any idea what is going on? If you don’t buy canada goose jacket mind, please take a look at my hub and see what might be wrong. I appreciate any answer; I really would like uk canada goose outlet to know why my canada goose uk black friday HubScore is dropping even though I didn’t change anything.

I have worked really hard on the hub so I am slightly disappointed that my HubScore is dropping even though I haven’t done anything to it. Have you guys Canada Goose online ever been in a similar situation?

Thanks in advance!I’m not sure what they have done to the scoring system since they claim they have Canada Goose Coats On Sale not done anything at all!

However, I think I may have figured something out about the scoring system.

The canada goose QAP is doe on a “scale” for which there is a chart in the learning center that you canada goose coats on sale can find here:Apparently what the system Canada Goose Outlet does is score a hub on a sliding scale that goes in tenths of points.

So, for example, cheap goose a score Canada Goose sale of 78 would actually be a 7.8 on the scale.

Since the QAP theoretically was instituted taking one group of hubbers buy canada goose jacket cheap at a time, starting with either the oldest or newest (I’m canadagooseparks guessing newest), it may have taken all this time for the system to catch up canada goose clearance sale with and correct the numbers for hubbers in our group.

The only problem with this theory, which at the moment seems to make sense to me, is that new hubs should have been rated correctly when they were written.

However, many of those changed, also for a lot of people.

So, I see a flaw in my thinking except for the fact that they may have tightened up their QAP guidelines recently and instituted them all at canadian goose jacket once?

What do you think?

Jayne Lancerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

Whoever adjusted the algorithm doesn’t know what they’re doing. (I’m still amazed that Paul Edmondson has actually said on another thread that there has been no change to hub score.)

Compared to my present standard, I Canada Goose Parka have what I know to be some very poor quality hubs that I published four years ago and haven’t canada goose factory sale yet revised. These now have higher hub scores than many of my newer and revised hubs, which Canada Goose Jackets I know to be of a far superior quality by anyone’s standards.

As has been said before, they ought to just do away with hub score. It distracts and confuses.

In my opinion, a better system would be to list hubs on the accounts page in order of traffic hub number one is the one with the most traffic and therefore (obviously) the most successful. Or cheap Canada Goose is that too simple.