GDS @ Bloomfield College | Sanchez, who grew up 10 blocks from the Design District and
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Sanchez, who grew up 10 blocks from the Design District and

17 Jun Sanchez, who grew up 10 blocks from the Design District and

A parallel subplot set in 1948, involves Knight’s great grandson facing off against the State of Mississippi in a groundbreaking miscegenation trial. He has married a white woman. Because he has one eighth black blood, therefore making him black in the eyes of the state, their union is illegal and must be annulled or he faces prison.

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Mr. Sanchez, who grew up 10 blocks from the Design District and has been working there for a decade, was elegiac about the artists who used to occupy 38th and 39th Streets a dozen or more, he said who have moved on. Still, he showed no bitterness toward the man everyone in the neighborhood seems to refer to as Craig..

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