GDS @ Bloomfield College | Sanjeev, who is married to Fiona, 46, said: “I was shocked when
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Sanjeev, who is married to Fiona, 46, said: “I was shocked when

17 Feb Sanjeev, who is married to Fiona, 46, said: “I was shocked when

So why do we keep doing it? Pure habit. Some restaurants have moved away from tipping, raising their servers’ salaries to a livable wage. That means they have to increase their prices on paper, even if the total cost (including tip) doesn’t actually go up. The heavy winds aren’t just a fluke there’s actually a regular weather phenomenon in this area of California called a Santa Ana wind event. The Santa Ana winds happen because high pressure builds over the western US, forcing air over the California deserts. As the air pushes over, down and through the coastal mountains, it dries, warms up, and picks up speed.

replica goyard bags I’ve been to Costco every day for the last six months and will only have to nip out for milk before the big night only kidding but I do feel a big responsibility to get it right.”It actually feels like my party. It lasts six hours and I’ll be everywhere, on the stages, partying with people on the ground and doing the Highland Fling.”It’s the biggest party on the planet and I’m hoping other civilisations will see it from space and get jealous.”English couple travel 3000 miles for BBC Alba’s Hogmanay show despite not speaking a word of GaelicThe world famous Street Party is being revamped this year with a carnival style celebration spanning the length and breadth of Princes Street with live music, DJs, street entertainment and will finish with the fireworks display from Edinburgh Castle.Revellers from across the world will also be treated to performances by Rag’n’Bone Man, The Human League and Huey Morgan, with Sanjeev as the master of ceremonies.Kohli stars as shopkeeper Navid in the comedy series Still GameThe actor and funnyman, who plays shopkeeper Navid in cult comedy Still Game, was speechless when he was approached about taking on the huge Hogmanay role.Sanjeev, who is married to Fiona, 46, said: “I was shocked when the organisers got in touch. I didn’t stop to think and said yes straight away, not quite understanding what I was taking on.”Five years ago I introduced Primal Scream on one of the stages in Princes Street Gardens in front of an audience of one or two thousand and that was okay so I thought, ‘Why not?’ Then they went on to explain that I would be playing host to 70,000 guests at a party directed by guys from MTV.”I said, ‘Are you sure you don’t want Jonathan Ross? I’m just a wee Glaswegian funny man, you cannae mean me?’ When they said, ‘Aye you’, my self esteem went through the roof.”It’s just braw as Edinburgh’s Hogmanay festival opens with iconic torchlight processionThe dad of three, whose radio sitcom Fags, Mags and Bags has been running on Radio 4 for 10 years, said: “For a long while I was used to performing in front of a camera with just the crew watching or in a radio studio where no one could see me but fortunately the Still Game tour introduced me to big audiences.. replica goyard bags

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