GDS @ Bloomfield College | So monlcer down jackets I signed off the BTE after about 3
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So monlcer down jackets I signed off the BTE after about 3

16 Jul So monlcer down jackets I signed off the BTE after about 3

Fortiman u

lleti 41 points submitted 14 days ago

I eh, might had a minor meltdown during year 4 there. Which resulted in some self medication, followed by some Doctor medication.

After this I sort of went “what the fuck am I doing with my life?”, and went back to programming as I done for fun throughout my earlier teens. Stopped turning up for work in the Callcenter, which resulted in my sacking, which made it a wee bit difficult to go back anyway.

Got on the back to education for enrolling into Comp Sci, but turned out I didn need it I launched a hosting service with my own OS template which managed to do really well, and funded me throughout College. So monlcer down jackets I signed off the BTE after about 3 months and continued on for 4 years to get my degree in hand. Sold cheap moncler outlet the business during 3rd year to an buy moncler jackets Eastern crowd (Prevalence of Cheap SSDs made my RAMDisk loader basically obsolete in the West), which funded me right through to the end of 4th year.

While I got the expected/justified stick off the folks for “quitting work”, I lived a much happier, and healthier (aside from the weekly Big Macs.) life ever since.

moncler sale outlet Fortiman 6 points submitted 1 month ago moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale I was a charity fundraiser about a year ago. They completely grind you to the bone, saying hello to thousands of people a day. Not only is it an awful working practice, their approach to you donating money is so toxic. When being trained, I was constantly told “These people SHOULD be donating, everyone should be” and so felt completely comfortable guilting people into donating. In fact, it was part of our training. cheap moncler jackets sale

I know it’s for a good cause, but it should be voluntary. These cheap moncler jackets sorts of fundraising give charities a bad rep and rightly so.

J_Dilla_ 22 points submitted 3 months ago

moncler outlet store San Andreas is one of the very few games I actually still play. I can still rattle off a lot of the cheats but I moncler outlet still have the wrinkled folded up moncler outlet store sheets with all the codes that my brother printed off from the school printer. Don think a cheque worth a billion euro could make me happier than when he handed over those pages of cheats. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets I actually played it over the Christmas holidays absolutely stoned out my mind. Spent a half hour driving moncler sale outlet around like an orderly person having a grand old think for myself and buying food from Cluckin Bell and Burger Shot to help work up a real life appetite. What a game. cheap moncler jackets

doppelgin 12 points submitted 4 months ago

moncler sale Most of us have the habit of failing to keep music sacred. We always multitask it, or half listen, or use crap speakers, or whatever. And that is kind of fine. it is what it is. everyone is ok. But we can make little choices to make our lives have just faintly more meaning than they might otherwise have, especially when it comes to mindfully appreciating the creative effort of our peers and idols. Vinyl just requires, or makes natural maybe, the intentional act of listening to our music. It is moncler outlet sale just a slightly more deliberate act, and that slight degree of greater effort makes all the difference. Its like the mind goes “this is important, so i will give it my more full attention.” That why it “sounds better.” We listen better. It is also just a potent way of saying fuck yes to an artist. Like this morning at three moncler outlet am, sleeplessly, I saw this video, watched the video, got mind blown and instantly pre ordered the record. I have the digital download of this one single to hear manytimes. But I will now get to delay for myself the gratification of hearing the rest until the physical format arrives. Then I cheap moncler sale can keep it special. Have some friends over for a first listen. Share the deep listening experience. Anyway, thats my long winded explanation for ordering this record on vinyl. moncler sale

moncler outlet jackets Fortiman 2 points submitted 3 months ago moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet uk Stumbled on your post, and found resonance in making it special. Got into Hi Fi at 21, and not long after had two floorstanding KEF speakers perfectly positioned moncler outlet online around my bed with room calibration. moncler outlet uk

People don realise the effect a speaker, or music can have on your life. Imagine creating a device, which has the ability to reproduce sound. Being able to record a particular choir service, record a few electronic beats and show your friends, all whenever you need it.

cheap moncler It not just a speaker. For me, they were a way to escape the wall of problems I was facing, even if for a moment. Troubled sleep? Put on Brian Eno 1/1 Music for Airports. House party? Get the atmosphere going cheap moncler coats with some music everyone likes. Want to wallow in sadness? Make a playlist to drag it all out of you. It a power most people don even realise they have, or spend a moment to appreciate it. I enjoyed your post, and I moncler sale like the way you look at things. 4 points submitted 4 months ago cheap moncler

moncler outlet online To be truly useful I think a moncler mens jackets mass shift towards “compostable” materials needs to be accompanied by a push to actually compost. That could be composting at home, or street collection of compostable materials. Dumping it all in a landfill and hoping for the best isn going to cut it. moncler outlet online

cheap moncler outlet Don get me wrong I am pleased, but unless the whole process works it more of a “look at us, aren we angelic” marketing move than anything else. A way for governments and businesses to put on a facade of green, and then call it a job done and walk away without achieving what they said they would. cheap moncler outlet

Have you got a good blender? Ask around if anyone has and start making oat shakes in the morning. Oats work out to be ridiculously cheap (around 6p/100g) so utilise them wherever possible and buy a 2.5kg bag. My breakfast works out to be around 45p (100g oats, 1 banana, 300ml soy milk + water). You can add 50% more if you want to really over do it, and get as many calories as possible for the morning.

moncler outlet sale Lunchtime is just sandwiches and fruits from the market. Scrambled eggs on toast will become a sort of staple part of the diet. moncler outlet sale

moncler factory outlet Finally, with meals I usually have vegan sausages (when they 3/kg) with sweet potatoes, carrots and broccoli. You can also buy the some tikka or korma sauce for 1, some chicken and eat it over a few days. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler coats All of this should work out to be under 15/week. cheap moncler coats

moncler jackets outlet The first sign he might be a beekeeper is an awareness of the planet pesticide problem, and the effects this has on the bee population (with a high degree of knowledge.) He might have a lock screen of bees buzzing around on the bee hive, or of one of the frames full of honey pulled out with the obligatory bee buzzing also present. moncler jackets outlet

It will become a topic of great passion, and morally hinges a lot of his decisions.

Later symptoms of beekeeping include but are not limited to: puns about bees, everyday facts about bees, and re scheduling days out in order to pick up hives.

moncler jacket sale With alcohol addiction, you fighting against yourself. America tried to ban alcohol, and it didn get them anywhere. Ultimately though, you not being coerced by anyone to drink it moncler jacket sale.