GDS @ Bloomfield College | ), so they not nearly as useless as they seem if you don know
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), so they not nearly as useless as they seem if you don know

18 Jun ), so they not nearly as useless as they seem if you don know

What’s that thing you’ve always wanted to say but haven’t out of fear of sounding pretentious

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. It was mid June, and they were bitching about how we canadian goose jacket still had to school even though Canada Goose online some of the other neighboring schools (all terrible schools with low rates of student success, high youth delinquency) started summer vacation way before ours.

“Well. at least we still learning.” I said. Then they all immediately laughed at me and called me a canada goose uk outlet “Fucking loser geek” from uk canada goose that day up until the next canada goose clearance year.

I liked school. Canada Goose Parka I liked canada goose store learning. And they shamed me for it. When I was small, I liked math and buy canada goose jacket science. Elementary school teachers who hated math and canada goose clearance sale science themselves made learning the basics absolutely impossible for me, and high buy canada goose jacket cheap school teachers who didn want to deal with anyone who didn hit canada goose coats on sale the ground running with higher level math and science solidified the “I don like this and can learn it” idea.

EDIT: oopsie, started discourse.

To further explain, most jobs in the arts are portfolio based. It doesn’t matter where you get your degree; it could be a shit community college, or a prestigious art school, but at the end of the day you will be judged on the quality of your work.

Some careers need higher education. That’s true. But I think it is a scam to stack up hundreds of thousands in debt for something that depends so much on portfolio.

As for networking, art school is not the only way to network lolMost people who go to art school get more practical design degrees that lead to a legitimate job (ie graphic design, advertising, architecture, industrial design, etc.), so they not nearly as useless as they seem if you don know anything about it. Those kinds of jobs make about as much money as teaching, so enough canada goose black friday sale to live on but not a ton, but generally people go into them because it their passion and not because of money. You do need a degree in order to get into most design fields if you want a salary canada goose uk black friday for doing them. Although in my experience most people I know who were Fine Arts or canada goose Illustration majors ended up with a very expensive Canada Goose Outlet tattooing degreeAs someone who is pursuing a degree in music I just wish people understood that I am fully aware that it does not guarantee a job or canada goose factory sale money. Unfortunately many Canada Goose Jackets fields have become nothing more canada goose uk shop than degree factories where people go just to get a piece of paper that will allow them Canada Goose Coats On Sale to get a job. In my opinion arts degrees are more about the learning than any other because Canada Goose Online if you don’t have the expertise or knowledge you need Canada Goose sale after college you won’t be able to support yourself. I know that a degree in music isn’t cheap Canada Goose the canada goose outlet most practical investment buts its cheap canada goose uk a way to get better at what I love and learn to make a living out of it.