GDS @ Bloomfield College | State and federal governments have poured more than $9 million
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State and federal governments have poured more than $9 million

07 Oct State and federal governments have poured more than $9 million

I can most assure you that Japan and the rest of the world is not a fan of the many of the US’s viewpoints either.If someone was previously known for ecchi harem comedies, then general audiences would require similar reassurances if they made a standard romance, even though only heterosexuality was involved either way. I can understand why there’s concern over the meaning and how it’s at least an inconsiderate choice of words, but that cover doesn’t exactly scream “this is absolutely 100% free of any and all homoeroticism whatsoever,” so the meaning that makes sense to me in this context would be “it’s not just cheesecake for fujoshi/fudanshi.”I think both instances are an example of something that is not intentional, but there are a lot of Japanese people who don’t like the slang ‘nomaru’ to mean ‘straight’ either. When I was a teachers assistant in Kyushu a few years back, my teacher overheard some girls say ”no, i’m nomaru!” in response to something or other (I think the girls were joking around pretending to propose to eachother), and he advised them not to use it and explained the unfortunate implications of the term.

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