GDS @ Bloomfield College | Thankfully, the script also doesn’t lay on its heartwarming
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Thankfully, the script also doesn’t lay on its heartwarming

28 Feb Thankfully, the script also doesn’t lay on its heartwarming

The 6,000 square foot store is in the former Eddie Bauer space in the Macy wing of the mall, 2000 N. Neil St. It will have more than 13,000 products from more than 200 brands, including Sephora line of makeup and skin care products and accessories as well as brands such as Bliss and Bare Escentuals. Thankfully, the script also doesn’t lay on its heartwarming message too heavily. There is a bit of serious subtext in the generational issues, most notably looking at the danger of trying to control your kids, but this is really a movie about constant wackiness. So even if it looks a bit plasticky, and if some of the characters are rather corny, the vocal cast injects plenty of personality into each role, while the animators keep everything colourful and amusingly kinetic..

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