GDS @ Bloomfield College | That makes Mindy Bray Continents a bargain at $200,000
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That makes Mindy Bray Continents a bargain at $200,000

08 Apr That makes Mindy Bray Continents a bargain at $200,000

Stevie Long challenged for the lead on lap nine, but Quade held him off and Long car faded. On lap 22, Kyle Lear took 2nd from Long. Two laps later, Long was relegated to third when Tommy Wagner got by him. That makes Mindy Bray Continents a bargain at $200,000. The Denver artist has covered the entire first floor wall of the Westin with a mural tracing the outlines of overlapping, imaginary land masses. Blues, greens and yellows are applied directly to the surface, with several floating shapes set a few inches off the wall..

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