GDS @ Bloomfield College | The decision was put off to 2017 and the meeting in Krakow
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The decision was put off to 2017 and the meeting in Krakow

03 Jul The decision was put off to 2017 and the meeting in Krakow

Berserk Button: Never harm a child in Ruijierd’s presence. Blessed with Suck: A small number of people are. In setting they are called Miko, people with natural powers, like super strength or mind reading. Yes, this is a positive step. But these steps have been stomping all over members of the LGBT community for years, and most of us are tired of it. As a nation we scream of freedom and equality, of liberty and justice, and then make it a habit of denying rights to those a certain God allegedly doesn’t like, and that makes it OK.

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