GDS @ Bloomfield College | The time dependent switching suggests that a memristor could
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The time dependent switching suggests that a memristor could

14 Aug The time dependent switching suggests that a memristor could

Even leaving aside the millennia old history of the written word, this isn a new thing in itself. As early as 1945, the American engineer and inventor Vannevar Bush described the potentials of a hypothetical system he dubbed a single device within which a compressed, searchable form of all the records and communications in someone life could be stored. It a project whose spirit lives on in Microsoft MylifeBits project, among other places, which attempted digitally to record every single aspect of a modern life and presented the results in a book by researchers Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell entitled Total Recall: How the E Memory Revolution Will Change Everything..

Here V, I and R are the voltage, current and resistance, respectively. W is an internal state variable, described by a time varying function f, and it is crucial to the switching dynamics of the memristor. The time dependent switching suggests that a memristor could be a physical system that enables to emulate the synaptic memory function more directly than the complementary metal oxide semiconductor system4,5,6,7.

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