GDS @ Bloomfield College | “They only got stuck in once James McCarthy came on as a second
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“They only got stuck in once James McCarthy came on as a second

08 Jan “They only got stuck in once James McCarthy came on as a second

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Valentino Replica “Ultimately, though, they finished the game without having a shot on target and that was telling. Everton were tepid in the second half and only roused themselves once United had taken the lead.”But for a team supposedly improving, Everton were a let down. Allardyce has never beaten Mourinho and has won only once in all his years against United.”Richard Tanner of the Express picks up on the shot shy Everton theme.”All the momentum Everton had gained following Sam Allardyce’s appointment came shuddering to a halt with a second successive defeat,” he says.”They did not manage a shot on target to underline why Allardyce is closing in on a deal for Turkish international Cenk Tosun.”And this display was not an encouraging way to warm up for their FA Cup third round visit to in form neighbours Liverpool on Friday evening.”Chris McKenna, writing in the Daily Star, agrees.”How Everton could do with an attacking midfielder chipping in with some goals as they wait to see if Cenk Tosun’s move from Besiktas will get done to add some much needed firepower up front,” he says.”They only got stuck in once James McCarthy came on as a second half substitute “the shining light of our recovery as he actually went and tackled somebody,” his irritated manager later said but could not find the response.”Finally, Oliver Kay of the Times can’t help but wonder what might be in store later this week.”Everton have looked a different proposition since Sam Allardyce arrived to steady the ship, but the difference in quality indeed in energy, as well as technical skill looked enormous in the second half,” he writes.”There were a few jeers when Allardyce introduced James McCarthy, a defence minded midfielder, in place of Wayne Rooney in the 62nd minute and a few more at the final whistle Valentino Replica.