GDS @ Bloomfield College | This helps to keep your social media campaign in a state where
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This helps to keep your social media campaign in a state where

06 Apr This helps to keep your social media campaign in a state where

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buy canada goose jacket cheap That last bit is bogus, though of course we have invited some speakers that have offended black students, gay students, anti Israel students, and so on. Too bad that life! Any speaker who says anything controversial will offend someone, but that what college is all about! For example, I would consider it perfectly proper to invite a Holocaust denialist, or someone opposing affirmative action. Those talks, which would undoubtedly be protested, could nevertheless inspire useful discussion amongthose whose minds aren completely closed.This is what Sorensen said as an update to her invidious cartoon:(Update: I see some commenters suggesting that I am arguing that students should be shielded from points of view they may disagree with buy canada goose jacket cheap.