GDS @ Bloomfield College | This is a G rated version of Giorgio Beverly Hills and far
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This is a G rated version of Giorgio Beverly Hills and far

17 Nov This is a G rated version of Giorgio Beverly Hills and far

“The reason why that unlikely to happen is that companies treat source code as a significant asset, which is why I first mentioned a longer support period. My favorite approach for this problem would be regulation requiring mandatory release of source code, the toolchain, signing keys, etc. If the manufacturer stops supporting something, so the places which want to keep their trade secrets can still do so but are required to help their users at the same time.”I mostly concur, therefore I certainly hope you all donating to the Software Freedom Conservancy for their GNU GPL enforcement efforts (see https: for more) and encouraging people to license their free software under a strongly copylefted free software license such as the GNU GPL v3 or later, or the AGPL v3 or later.

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