GDS @ Bloomfield College | This is not a standard move in modern sparring
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This is not a standard move in modern sparring

21 Feb This is not a standard move in modern sparring

Thats what i came for

Brain injuries (either concussions or injuries from repeated sub concussive impacts) don come from inadequate padding outside of your head, they come from your brain bouncing off of the inside of your skull. If your head is accelerating from some cheap canada goose uk kind of hit, your brain is uk canada goose in canada goose clearance danger.

It took years and the gold standards in football cheap Canada Goose helmets out now designed Canada Goose online to help mitigate this very thing cost $950 apiece. Actualy never heard of aluminium or anything else. Such sword would go to hell Canada Goose Coats On Sale after one fight. They are dull but always steel.

To protect themselves they wear 3 pieces of gear: Gambeson, Hauberk and Plate armor. Most vulnerable are joints of the armor. Thats where poeple aimed to Canada Goose Online kill enemy (with exception of crush Canada Goose Outlet weapons).

Also serious injuries are kinda rare but happen. Even that someone die happens from time to Canada Goose Outlet time. It a very contentious topic.

The issue is that we do have an idea canada goose of how people fought in armor based upon educational texts written by martial arts instructors of the period and most of what is written, as you can probably imagine, involves the use of weapons in a manner which is definitively not safe against an opponent in armor.

Here is a link to a manuscript created by German canada goose factory sale fencer Hans Talhoffer. The “Armored Fencing” canadian goose jacket section contains an example of a modified use of a sword to aid in grappling, subduing, and stabbing an opponent.

For an earlier Italian example see the illustrations within Fiore De Liberi Fior di Battaglia starting at Folio uk canada goose outlet 32V and forward we can see the use of the sword as well as thrusting and percussive pole weapons by armored fighters.

The way people fought in armor and against armored opponents is not similar to its unarmored equivalent. We know that people of the time adapted their armaments and their methods to fight more effectively against armored opponents yet these are the things which are usually not allowed within armored combat leagues.

What these guys do is intense and I don want to discredit them as athletes but what component of it is HEMA? If they were both wearing Gi Canada Goose sale instead of buy canada goose jacket armor would you call it Jiu Jitsu? If they both had sticks instead of swords would that make it Eskrima?I have to wonder if they might have rules to protect the historical accuracy

The answer is “Not really, kind of the opposite”. What canada goose coats “historically” works against armor isn really allowed because, well, it what people in Canada Goose Parka armor did to hurt each other. I give a more thorough buy canada goose jacket cheap answer in this comment somewhere else in canada goose clearance sale the comments section

Among people who practice historical European martial arts (HEMA) these kinds of armored combat leagues are very contentious and many practitioners are quick to denounce it as “Not HEMA”. This is not a standard move in modern sparring, and canada goose uk outlet he had the shield between him Canada Goose Jackets and the leg. A real warrior (as in someone properly trained and expecting to die, Im not gatekeeping) would have recognized the body movement, but he hasnt trained with that kind of movement, so you can see him react like he expected a body shot. Thats probably what it looked like to him.

Most people in these things havent trained like actual warriors would, its similar to how different mma training is to an actual marines or navy canada goose black friday sale seals training. canada goose uk black friday Its canada goose store just different, and certain moves just dont work in both scenarios. You dont canada goose uk shop hug and roll with a nazi, theyll shove a canada goose coats on sale knife between your ribs. And you dont bite in the octogon.