GDS @ Bloomfield College | This situation troubles Hatsumi even more when Azusa
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This situation troubles Hatsumi even more when Azusa

14 Oct This situation troubles Hatsumi even more when Azusa

The story revolves around Hatsumi Narita, a passive sixteen year old girl who lives in a company housing complex that is ruled by the tyrannical Mrs. Tachibana, the wife of the company’s vice president. How a family behaves in the housing complex can affect an employee’s status in the company. When her promiscuous younger sister Akane thinks she might be pregnant, Hatsumi gets talked into buying her a pregnancy test. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly as planned and Hatsumi is blackmailed by Ryoki Tachibana, the arrogant teenage son of the powerful Tachibana family who bullied her as a kid, into being his slave. This situation troubles Hatsumi even more when Azusa, her childhood love, comes back and expresses romantic interest in her.

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