GDS @ Bloomfield College | TNT Erich Blunt takes a lie detector test in a bid to change
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TNT Erich Blunt takes a lie detector test in a bid to change

11 Jan TNT Erich Blunt takes a lie detector test in a bid to change

“I didn’t mean to do it,” Katherine Santiago told officers when they arrived at her Wethersfield Avenue apartment on Saturday afternoon.In a call to 911, a sobbing Santiago said she had kicked Marcos DeJesus out “because he’s a violent man. He kept hitting me and hitting me.”The 911 operator keeps asking for information about DeJesus, such as what he is wearing and what he looks like until Santiago says, “I don’t know if he’s breathing.” The call taker then asks what happened.”When he hit me I got the extension cord so he would stop hitting me, so I choked him,” she said.”You choked him with an extension cord?” the 911 operator responds.”Yes,” Santiago said. “I’m so scared.

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