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To accommodate all users and their various devices

03 Mar To accommodate all users and their various devices

When the club announced its interest to join the league, the price was approximately $40 million.Now, it is being speculated that Garber wants over $70 million for any potential suitor looking to play in New York, which is a staggering 57 percent increase from the price that Joey Saputo paid to have the Montreal Impact join the league.Byrne denies that the franchise fee is the reason for any delay and says that the most important component of the New York Cosmos MLS bid is where the team will ultimately play. Garber has made no secret of the fact that he wants a team in New York City as opposed to playing outside of the city like the Red Bulls, who are based in New Jersey.think the franchise fee is in negotiation, said Byrne. Job is to get the highest fee that he possibly can.

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