GDS @ Bloomfield College | To try to get the IRS interested in a plan to build them a new
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To try to get the IRS interested in a plan to build them a new

28 Nov To try to get the IRS interested in a plan to build them a new

So if the NFL really cares about its on the field product (this is not necessarily a given), it needs to create one or two special bonus roster spots for each team that are strictly for quarterbacks under the age of 30. You have your three active gameday passers, but you also get two bonus quarterbacks to stash who are not eligible (but are paid handsomely so that the NFLPA is cool with it). Then, the NFL sets up and funds a special QB farm (not run by Trent Dilfer!) somewhere warm and awesome, and you send your little project QBs there for a couple of years to learn mechanics and memorize sample playbooks and all that shit.

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