GDS @ Bloomfield College | We seen the birth of sinister enterprises manufacturing
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We seen the birth of sinister enterprises manufacturing

20 Feb We seen the birth of sinister enterprises manufacturing

How to change these poor work ethics is a question that stymies the best leadership or management. What makes one employee hard working going the extra mile? Why do we have so many who are just here to earn a paycheck? And let us not forget the few who make a business work day a miserable experience for everyone around them. Small Business Coaching Tip: Identify your explores (25%), vacationers (50%) and prisoners (25%). I, like most of America, could not help but tune in the Goldman Sachs senatorial hearing yesterday. Now, it’s not a regular practice of mine to engage in political discourse, or ethical debate for that matter (I’ll save that for the cable news anchors with great hair), but amidst the rather theatrical spectacle yesterday was a rather imperative social question in my opinion.When did Integrity become the great adversary of business? I was under the impression that Integrity was the catalyst for good business? I must have missed that memo I guess.Goldman Sachs is chalk full of smart people, and Llyod Blankfein for that matter, is clearly a bright guy. The mental gymnastics he displayed yesterday, while dodging four letter words from a senate committee hell bent on laying groundwork for midterm elections, was nothing short of impressive.

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