GDS @ Bloomfield College | We tried a couple little, With a Q tip, little stripes on the
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We tried a couple little, With a Q tip, little stripes on the

09 Jan We tried a couple little, With a Q tip, little stripes on the

The heat source driving a hydrothermal system may be nearby magma bodies or residual heat from large impacts.[87] One important type of hydrothermal alteration in the Earth’s oceanic crust is serpentinization, which occurs when seawater migrates through ultramafic and basaltic rocks. The water rock reactions result in the oxidation of ferrous iron in olivine and pyroxene to produce ferric iron (as the mineral magnetite) yielding molecular hydrogen (H2) as a byproduct. The process creates a highly alkaline and reducing (low Eh) environment favoring the formation of certain phyllosilicates (serpentine minerals) and various carbonate minerals, which together form a rock called serpentinite.[88] The hydrogen gas produced can be an important energy source for chemosynthtetic organisms or it can react with CO2 to produce methane gas, a process that has been considered as a non biological source for the trace amounts of methane reported in the Martian atmosphere.[89] Serpentine minerals can also store a lot of water (as hydroxyl) in their crystal structure.

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