GDS @ Bloomfield College | We were both patient and waiting
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We were both patient and waiting

23 May We were both patient and waiting

We were both patient and waiting for what the other was going to do. It’s a huge thing in this game to be patient. I made the save and obviously it helped the team and we scored right away. The Browns unveiled new threads in a gaudy ceremony at the convention center downtown. Now, more than a year later, David P. Woods over at The Score has them among the worst five uniforms in the league, putting them in the same breath as Tampa Bay’s font challenged numbers and Jacksonville’s two tone helmet..

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“I went up there a lot, almost every weekend it seemed like,” he said Friday afternoon, before he and four teammates attended their graduation ceremony. “We would always go up there and stay at the condo, go play basketball at the rec center downtown. I was up there a lot, with Dollywood and Splash Country and everything, too.”.

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