GDS @ Bloomfield College | Weasels are their mortal enemies
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Weasels are their mortal enemies

24 Jan Weasels are their mortal enemies

Some effects, rather than having a single target, affect everything within a given area. This area is the “area of effect”, and attacks/buffs that work this way are called area of effect attacks/buffs. Popular in Tabletop Games and Strategy Games, area of effect attacks are very useful for taking out large numbers of weak enemies simultaneously. However, they’ll usually avert Friendly Fireproof, adding another layer of strategy to their use. They aren’t necessarily offensive in nature, either healing or protection abilities often work in an area of effect as well.

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Cheap Celine Bags In The Heroes of Olympus, basilisks are among the monsters in Gaea’s army that attacks Camp Jupiter in The Son of Neptune, appearing in much the same way they did in Roman myth. They look like short, stout snakes with a crest of white spikes on their heads resembling a crown, and are so poisonous that they kill and wither any plants they touch. Weasels are their mortal enemies, something that Frank exploits by turning into a weasel and giving chase. At least those in the battle were created by the giant Polybotes, who has living snakes braided into and constantly slithering out of his hair, and simply shook out some basilisks when he needed them. Cheap Celine Bags

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