GDS @ Bloomfield College | ” When a kid strikes out the logical comment is “keep your eye
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” When a kid strikes out the logical comment is “keep your eye

22 Jun ” When a kid strikes out the logical comment is “keep your eye

Humanity’s greatest minds know that no one fully understands quantum mechanics. Our worst minds took that as an excuse. Idiots scrabble to use quantum terms like they’re living on a triple word score, thinking that the words alone will make all their points for them.

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wholesale jerseys from china But if you are basically a cynic, it is a challenge. To my mind the logical comment when a kid drops a ball is “don’t drop the ball next time” not “you sure got under that one.” When a kid strikes out the logical comment is “keep your eye on the ball” not “nice looking swings.” When a kid gets out because he walks to first, I think one should probably say “run next time wholesale nfl jerseys from china,” not “good hit.” This is, of course, absolute evidence that I have no business coaching a little league team, so I just try hard (often times unssuccesfully) to keep my mouth shutt. Of course it is even more difficult to be Mr. wholesale jerseys from china

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