GDS @ Bloomfield College | When I was strong arming the Saks SA into finding Peut Etre
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When I was strong arming the Saks SA into finding Peut Etre

19 Jan When I was strong arming the Saks SA into finding Peut Etre

Oh man, don get me started on how hard it is to find any La Collection at an actual counter. When I was strong arming the Saks SA into finding Peut Etre for me last week, I got to see where they keep the rest of their La Collection bottles. Yep, just like everything else worthwhile at the Tysons Saks, it thrown into a floor level drawer, rolling around like so much unwanted junk. And yeah, meanwhile all that Hypnose and Miracle stuff is all up front and center, taunting me with its not want! status.

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