GDS @ Bloomfield College | Whether true or not, he did take his time to throw him around
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Whether true or not, he did take his time to throw him around

15 Feb Whether true or not, he did take his time to throw him around

Also his judo skills speak for themselves. Just Toying with Them: According to Donn Draeger, Kimura liked to lie down on his back during the grappling training and let any partner to have one of his arms, only to escape any hold they tried and then submit them in any way. Some believe that he actually toyed with H Gracie to allow some action in the match and entertain the audience before going to finish him. Whether true or not, he did take his time to throw him around despite knowing it would not knock Gracie, and there is documentation of him locking triangle chokes and bodyscissors (the latter admittedly causing H to faint for a moment) only to release them and follow with another thing.

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