GDS @ Bloomfield College | William Shakespeare said “what’s past is prologue
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William Shakespeare said “what’s past is prologue

25 Dec William Shakespeare said “what’s past is prologue

Lascelles, Bloomfield, Sr., high jump: Finished third at the State Open last season with a jump of 6 4. McEwen, Bloomfield, Sr., 55 meter hurdles: Won the 55 meter hurdles at the State Open and finished second at the New England Championships. Tan, Rocky Hill, Sr., 1,000 meters: One of the best returning middle distance runners in the state, after running 2:36.18 as a junior in the 1,000.

And the symptoms of the heart as arrows are still falling on it and like rain. His treatment is difficult and the pests are faster. He is closer to the coup and his luck is greater than the slip of the members.

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