GDS @ Bloomfield College | wiring was replaced
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wiring was replaced

28 Mar wiring was replaced

30. Carbajal said the agency filed a motion to enforce after a majority of the repairs were not made. Court documents show four of the six repairs had yet to be completed by the property owner.”A landlord’s failure to comply with an order to repair or remedy a condition is grounds for citing that landlord with contempt of court,” Aponte said in the ruling.Aponte ordered Luciano to pay a $100 fine and make the repairs by Wednesday or spend three days in jail.Luciano told the El Paso Times on Monday that he had addressed a majority of the issues before the Friday court appearance, but did not have all of the documentation during the hearing.Luciano said he also sent workers to the building Monday, adding thatrepairs to the roof were made, wiring was replaced, lighting was fixed and replaced, thermostats wereinstalled, a broken heater in one of the shared bathrooms was fixed and the apartments weresprayed for bedbugs.”The hallway is lit up like an airport,” Luciano said.

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