GDS @ Bloomfield College | You can save a considerable amount when eating out by not
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You can save a considerable amount when eating out by not

18 Jul You can save a considerable amount when eating out by not

My freakiness will be right out there in public.(I once wrote an explicit column about my new found appreciation of sex and, mortified, managed to get it extracted from the publication at the last minute. Whew although the world missed out on my hot tips.)Anyway, I’ve been told by several illustrious people that under no uncertain terms should I write about recently stopping drinking. I’m not exactly sure why, but perhaps it is tempting fate, like jinxing your diet.

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She was wonderful. Beautiful. A dazzling smile. The price of cocktails in a restaurant takes into consideration insurance costs, bartender, and server salaries, plus delivery costs. You can save a considerable amount when eating out by not ordering alcohol.Early Bird Specials Many restaurants offer early bird specials during the week. Most times these prices are offered during “off peak” dinner hours (usually 4 pm to 6 pm).

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