GDS @ Bloomfield College | You can sprout, boil, roast, or ferment them, which would give
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You can sprout, boil, roast, or ferment them, which would give

16 Aug You can sprout, boil, roast, or ferment them, which would give

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discount moncler outlet People were gathering barley and both einkorn and emmer wheat in the ancient Fertile Crescent, something like 20,000 years before Christ. discount moncler outlet

Discount Moncler Coats In archaeological sites there, we find ancient grindstones, which are flat stones on which the grain was placed, and then the miller typically a woman, judging from the art we find in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia used a round stone to grind the grain as she pushed it away from her body. Discount Moncler Coats

moncler coats outlet Barley and wheat both need to be prepared in some way for humans to consume them; the hardness of the raw grain precludes eating them raw. You can sprout, boil, roast, or ferment them, which would give you a range of products including something like pearl barley soups and beer. But, the presence of grindstones indicates that people pretty quickly figured out that they could grind the grain into flour. This increases the glycaemic index dramatically and makes significantly more calories available for human digestion, so it a more efficient food though we should note that, as James Scott points out in his most recent book, Against the Grain (which I cannot recommend enough), the people doing the earliest farming in moncler sale online the moncler sale outlet Fertile Crescent and especially the cheap moncler jackets womens Mesopotamian flood plains lived in extremely rich ecological zones and were not hurting for calories. If these people decided to bake bread, it was not because they were gaining some marginal caloric advantage from the grain but because they liked it. moncler coats outlet

moncler coats cheap Finally, we know that cheap moncler jackets mens both Mesopotamians and Egyptians brewed beer. moncler coats cheap

moncler coats for kids When you put all this together, what you have is a fairly straightforward picture. Foraging moncler outlet people know every plant and animal and mineral in their areas, so the presence of stands of seed bearing grasses, which could easily be gathered (one archaeologist found that he could gather enough grain to feed a family for a year in just a few weeks, using a flint tipped sickle), would have struck them immediately. Once they have this stuff, they experiment with it, and [edit] may have found that it could be roasted on the stalk. moncler coats for kids

moncler jacket outlet They would probably also fairly quickly find that when ground it produced a powder that is edible when combined with water. If you just combine bruised or roughly ground grain with [edit] heated moncler uk outlet water, you get some kind of porridge. [Edit] Aside from roasting, that form of preparation requires the fewest steps. If you happen to leave that porridge out for a day or two, it collect wild yeasts and bacteria, and begin to ferment. It bubble, and then turn a bit sour, which many may have found better tasting than before. If you let it ferment for long enough it begin to form alcohol. If at discount moncler jackets any point you take some of that porridge and slap it on a hot rock, you have uk moncler sale a kind of griddle cake. If you take a relatively dry version of that porridge and mix it a lot knead it, basically you have dough, which would make a somewhat more cohesive flatbread. If you combine all these things, moncler online store so that you have dough allowed to ferment, and then bake it, well, that bread. Dolores moncler womens jackets Piperno, the archaeologist who made the discovery of 22,500 23,500 year old grindstones near the Sea of Galilee, suggests that one particular group of stones at her site is the remains of a hearthstone oven. moncler jacket outlet

moncler jackets outlet online If it was indeed developed that early and we have no reason to think it wasn by the time bread fueled the construction of the Great Pyramids or biscuits fueled Akkadian or Babylonian armies, it was already thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of years old moncler jackets outlet online.