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Your most cherished creation

28 Oct Your most cherished creation

And if the task of the Apostles and Prophets to report and warn and establish the argument to the people, they do not go beyond the task of reform and change of the dissolution of the souls and delusion, and peoples and nations of corruption perception and belief, and deviation of worship and behavior, and poor handling and management, said in the words of Shu’aib; (Houd: 88), and when the Prophet of God, Moses, his brother Aaron, peace be upon him in his people, or the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, He said: “Follow me in my nation and reform and do not follow the path of the corrupters.” [Al-A’raf: Replica Bags 142]

And this is why God linked in many verses between the remembrance of repentance and the remembrance of reform. In repentance, the elimination of sins and sin, Where the virtues and makram, and in this reference to what the scientists expressed by ?vacillation and desalination?; every reformer begins repentance to cleanse and raise the people, to end the change and reform people, and in this God says: “Who repented after the injustice and reform, God Repent to him, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. “(Al-Maida: 39).

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